This course is part of the IANTD Technical Diver Programm.

With this course you qualify yourself to use the Rebreather until depths until 60 m.
This course can be seen as the pre-stage to a TRIMIC course. We use helium gas mixtures as diluent and bail-out gases.
These have an O2 due which must not be lower than 18%. Helium mixtures are the safest possibility to dive in higher depths with a clear mind and without the risk of narcosis. 
Hypoxic or travel mixtures will not be considered.



Summary of the course contents:

► Theoretical exam with at least 80 % correct answeres.

► Min. 5 dives with CCR and Normoxic helium gas mixtures with a pO2 of 1,1 Bar and an END of max. 36m.

► 3 dives deeper than 27 m with max. 60m depths.

► Divers who already have the Normoxic-Trimix Diver OC need 3 dives on the CCR, the special exercises and theorie lessons of the Rebreather.



► IANTD CCR Diver and min. 100 dives.
Min 30 dives deeper than 27 m, min. 20 dives and 25 hours dive time with CCR,
CMAS 3* or equivalent.

Minimum age 18 years + medical certification not older than 3 months.


Dollar SWPrice:
Normoxic Trimix: 390€

The prices of the dives are not included.