Please see our regular diving conditions and additional the special TEC conditions:

Get your own boat trip
6 or more divers we offer XXL-trips. According to agreement We go out early morning or between the normal FUN-dives.

Dive times Nitrox - Rebreather - Trimix

  • Maximum dive time we allow 59 minutes.
  • Total dive time is from descent to ascent (deco and safety stops including).
  • Dive times until 150 minutes for NITROX, Rebreather or Trimix are possible for dive groups from 6 or more divers.  This should be agreed before arrival, that we can plan to everybodies satisfaction. For that we charge the TEC dive prices XXL from 59 until 150 minutes.

Equipment NITROX-Rebreather
Our diving center only uses NITROX and Rebreather which are according the newest standards. So ist die Nitrox Ausrüstung komplett neu und entspricht der neuen Europa Nitrox/O2 Norm M26x2. Alle Flaschen und Lungenautomaten sind von den Firmen Aqualung und Scubapro. Bei den Rebreathern verwenden wir das BUDDY INSPIRATION.

Please note that only CE rested equipments can be used!


The filling of customer Nitrox/O2 tanks we can only accept, when they have a valid TÜV stamp and are in accordance to following norms: F

  • Vulves: M26x2, M24x2, Dräger O2, Scubapro O2
  • Tanks: When they are "NITROX", "O2" or "All gases" stamped. 



TEC Diver need minimum

  • a CMAS 2* brevet to dive to 40 mwith Trimix.
  • a CMAS 3* brevet to dive to 60 m with Normoxic Trimix
  • a CMAS 3* brevet with according Trimix brevet (z.B. Full Trimix) to dive deeper than 60 m.

PADI TEC REC is not yet accepted in france. Please get extra details, what can be done to go deeper than 40 m.

Deeper than 40 m only with CMAS 3*.
Deeper than 60 m only with minimum 3* and according Trimix brevet.

Price list:

Here you get our prices.