PDF-Download Bis 59 Minuten gelten die normalen Tauchpreise vor Ort.

XXL-Dives are from 60 till max. 150 minutes dive time to the following conditions:

Internet price
Local price
1 dive
6 dives
12 dives

Including: Tank filling air or NITROX 32 and boat trip.

Exclusive: Helium, O2 or breathing lime.

Dives will be allocated per person, and can only be confered within a family (max. 2 persons).
Dive time max. 59 minutes. XXL-dives can be booked extra (see XXL-dive prices)..

Additional services for certain dives, we have 4 categories:

  • SERVICE TEC 1: 6.-€ for dives on Togo, Espingole, Traffic, Ramon Meumbru, Torpilleur
  • SERVICE TEC 2: 20.-€ for daytrip, e.g. Donator, Grec, Tarantine, planes or Nationalparc Port Cros
  • SERVICE TEC 3: If you want to use other gases as air or NITROX 32 (please see price list gas NITROX or TRIMIX intern  extern.)


Group rate including 3 additional services TEC 1:
From 8 divers 42,- € per dive
From 16 divers 40,- € per dive