Le Relax, cargo ship

Drive time: 15 minutes, depth 28 - 34 m

In 1984 at the end of his service the former cutter was sunk by the French navy to the Gulf of St. Tropez to create an artificial reef. The wreck lies beneath the citadel of St. Tropez, 800 meters off the coast.

The well-preserved iron hull rests upright at a depth of 35 m, always surrounded by big fish swarms. The 30m long wreck is still very well preserved, the superstructural parts in the bow can be immersed, and it is always impressive to see the light streams in through the large side windows. In the middle area of the ship and the bow should not be dived in - many dangling cables make this too dangerous. In the rear area the rudder system can be seen well.

Caused by the Gulf of St. Tropez, with its high boat traffic, the visibility is between 5 – 10 m. But this will be adjusted of the high richness of fish and numerous colorful nudiebranches. Beyond that you find here a high population of big and small dreagonheads. Further more the wreck is overgrown with beautiful gorgonians.

The wreck can be circumnavigated in one dive comfortably, usually the bottom times allow also several photo stops.