Le Prophète, Cargo ship

Drive time: 15 minutes, depth: 28 - 32 m

Le Prophète

Built in 1853 "Charles Reynaud" shipyard in Sète, the Prophète was one of the first steamboats which had a modern propeller and not the old-fashioned paddle wheels. On 10th of march 1853 the 41.5 m long, 200 GRT Large merchant ship, went from the deck. Four years later she was sold for that time enormous sum of 70,000 francs, to Claude Mourou and commuted henceforth between Algeria and the Provençal coast. On 26 March 1860 the Prophète blundered into a heavy storm. To protect the ship and the crew, Captain Cotton looked for a protected bay near Agay. Nevertheless a few days later it ran on a submerged rock near Cap Lardier and had to be abandoned. The leaked ship sank soon after the floods.

The Prophète lies at 34 m depth – usually the water is very clear. Moray and conga eels find an ideal shelter in the wreck and can often be seen there. After 140 years the ship still is in good condition. The steam boiler with the impressive, 5m flywheel soars in the middle of the wreck. In the rear you can still see the huge steering wheel. In addition to huge schools of fish also Oktopusses exist here quite much.