Anno 0068 a.Ch., Torpes, a relative of Néron, adapted the christian religion. Néron who did not accept that, let him behead in Pisa.  As common at that time, they put Torpes head on a boat between a dog and a cock and let it go on the sea. The small boat has driven off in a small gallic village. Since the head was not eaten by the animals, the people believed in a miracle and took the name of the martyr as their village name.

Over time Torpes got Saint-Tropez.Saint-Tropez was conquered and destroyed several times. The Saraziner were the masters of gulf in the 10th Century. They built the surrounding villages Ramatuelle, Cogolin, Grimaud, Gassin and La Garde-Freinet. Then Saint-Tropez was abandoned for a time by his residents.

Around 1472 the king René d'Anjou and lord Grimaud Jean de Cossa gave the village of Raffaele de Garezzio. He moved 20 families from Genoa to here, to reawake the village. Saint-Tropez was rebuilt with protective walls and towers, and the genoese families brought their architecture and their customs. They also took care of their city and protected it from following invasions.